Rectification Steps Guide for QuickBooks Bank Error 355

Rectification Steps Guide for QuickBooks Bank Error 355

QuickBooks Bank Error 355 is a banking-related issue encountered by users while attempting to connect their bank accounts for online banking within the QuickBooks software. This error typically arises due to communication problems between QuickBooks and the user’s financial institution. Leading to difficulties in syncing bank accounts or downloading transactions. Resolving Bank Error 355 requires understanding its underlying causes, symptoms, and implementing effective solutions to ensure seamless integration with bank accounts and accurate financial data in QuickBooks.

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Understanding QuickBooks Desktop Bank Error 355

QuickBooks Desktop Bank Error 355 occurs when there is a disruption in the connection between QuickBooks and the user’s bank or financial institution. This disruption can occur due to various factors such as changes in bank account information, server issues at the financial institution’s end, incorrect login credentials, or problems with QuickBooks’ online banking functionality. As a result, users may experience difficulties syncing bank accounts, downloading transactions, or accessing online banking features within QuickBooks.

Causes of QuickBooks Bank Error Code 355

Several factors may contribute to the occurrence of QuickBooks Bank Error Code 355:

  1. Incorrect Bank Login Credentials: Entering incorrect login credentials, such as the username or password, for the bank account in QuickBooks can result in Error 355. QuickBooks requires accurate login information to establish a secure connection with the user’s bank.
  2. Changes in Bank Account Details: If there have been changes to the bank account details, such as account numbers, routing numbers, or account types, QuickBooks may fail to locate the updated account information, leading to Error 355.
  3. Server Issues at the Financial Institution: Temporary server issues or maintenance activities at the financial institution’s end can disrupt communication between QuickBooks and the bank’s servers, resulting in Error 355.
  4. Issues with QuickBooks Online Banking Feature: Problems with QuickBooks’ online banking functionality, such as outdated software, missing updates, or configuration errors, can prevent the successful syncing of bank accounts and trigger Error 355.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Desktop Bank Error 355

Identifying the symptoms associated with QuickBooks Bank Error 355 can help users diagnose and resolve the issue effectively:

  1. Error Message: Users may encounter an error message indicating Bank Error 355 when attempting to connect bank accounts or perform online banking activities within QuickBooks.
  2. Failed Bank Connections: QuickBooks may fail to establish connections with the user’s bank or financial institution, preventing the syncing of bank accounts or downloading of transactions.
  3. Inability to Download Transactions: Users may experience difficulties downloading bank transactions or accessing online banking features within QuickBooks due to Error 355.
  4. Disrupted Online Banking: Online banking functionality within QuickBooks may be disrupted, with users unable to reconcile accounts, initiate transfers, or view transaction details for affected bank accounts.
  5. Login Authentication Issues: Users may encounter authentication issues when attempting to log in to their bank accounts through QuickBooks, leading to repeated prompts for login credentials or failed login attempts.


Solutions for QuickBooks Desktop Bank Error Code 355

Here are ten effective solutions to resolve QuickBooks Bank Error 355:

Verify Bank Login Credentials

Double-check and verify the accuracy of the bank login credentials entered in QuickBooks, including the username and password. Ensure that the login information matches the details provided by the financial institution to avoid authentication errors that could trigger Error 355.

Update Bank Account Details

If there have been any changes to the bank account details, such as account numbers or routing numbers, update the information in QuickBooks accordingly. Contact the financial institution to obtain the updated account details and ensure that they are accurately reflected in QuickBooks to prevent syncing issues.

Contact Financial Institution

Reach out to the customer support team at the financial institution associated with the bank account experiencing Error 355. Inquire about any recent changes or updates to the bank’s servers or online banking systems that may be affecting connectivity with QuickBooks. Obtain assistance in resolving any server-side issues or confirming the status of the bank account.

Reauthorize Online Banking

Reauthorize online banking for the affected bank account within QuickBooks to refresh the connection and resolve Error 355. Navigate to the Banking menu, select the affected account, and choose the option to reconnect or reauthorize online banking. Follow the on-screen prompts to provide any additional authentication or verification required by the financial institution.

Update QuickBooks Software

Ensure that your QuickBooks software is up to date with the latest patches, updates, and releases. Check for any available updates within QuickBooks and install them to address any known issues or bugs related to online banking functionality. Updated software may include fixes that resolve Error 355 and improve compatibility with financial institutions.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Clear the cache and cookies in your web browser to remove any temporary data that may be causing conflicts with online banking in QuickBooks. Cached data or cookies stored in the browser can sometimes interfere with the syncing of bank accounts and trigger Error. Clearing the cache and cookies can help resolve these issues and improve connectivity.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily

Temporarily disable any antivirus or firewall software on your computer that may be blocking QuickBooks’ access to the internet or interfering with online banking connections. Antivirus or firewall settings can sometimes prevent QuickBooks from establishing secure connections with financial institutions, leading to Error 355. Disable these security measures temporarily and attempt to reconnect online banking in QuickBooks.

Check Internet Connection

Ensure that your computer has a stable and reliable internet connection when attempting to sync bank accounts or perform online banking activities in QuickBooks. Poor or intermittent internet connectivity can disrupt communication between QuickBooks and the bank’s servers, resulting in Error 355. Troubleshoot any internet connection issues and ensure a stable connection before retrying online banking.

Use QuickBooks WebConnect for Error 355

If you continue to encounter Error 355 with direct online banking connections, consider using QuickBooks WebConnect to import transactions manually. Download transaction data from your bank’s website in a compatible file format. Such as .QBO, and import the file into QuickBooks using the WebConnect feature. This method bypasses direct online banking connections and may help resolve syncing issues.

Create New Bank Account Entry

Create a new bank account entry in QuickBooks with updated or corrected account details to replace the affected bank account experiencing Error 355. Add the new bank account as you would any other account in QuickBooks, ensuring that the information is accurate. Disconnect the old bank account and connect the new one to resume online banking activities without encountering syncing issues.


QuickBooks Bank Error 355 can disrupt online banking activities and prevent users from syncing bank accounts with QuickBooks. However, by understanding the causes, symptoms, and implementing the solutions outlined in this guide. Users can effectively troubleshoot and resolve Error, restoring seamless integration with bank accounts and ensuring accurate financial data in QuickBooks. From verifying bank login credentials to utilizing QuickBooks WebConnect, there are several steps users can take to address Error. Resume online banking functionality with confidence. By following the comprehensive guidance provided in this guide. Users can navigate the challenges associated with Error and maintain smooth financial operations in QuickBooks.

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