Resolving the Uncommon QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS036

Resolving the Uncommon QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS036

There are not many bugs in QuickBooks that devises a user’s tight schedule to a disaster unless it’s QuickBooks Error PS036. In layman’s terms, it implies that the user’s subscription to Payroll is not active and continuously asks to verify it online. Even so, it does not let the system to download the latest Payroll tax tables also if the subscription is active. So how can we manhandle the issue to resume the work quickly? Read the blog until the end to find out.

The QuickBooks payroll tax table update error PS036 is a little more complicated than other little bugs and issues in the software. Therefore, they require additional assistance from a QB professional for a speedy recovery. Get one on the line by calling on +1 888-704-1357 anytime.

What are the Causes Behind the Occurrence of QuickBooks Desktop Error PS036?

It is important to acknowledge the reasons behind a problem to understand it better. If you get to know the root causes of the QuickBooks Error message PS036, you would easily crack the issue from your computer system in no time. Speaking of which, here are some of them.

  1. The user’s Payroll subscription is over or terminated.
  2. The user has multiple active payroll agreements with an inactive Direct Deposit agreement.
  3. Your QuickBooks Payroll is not updated to the recent issue.
  4. There might be some damage to the company file or some significant data.
  5. The user is entering an incorrect service key while logging in.
  6. An incorrect Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the company file can also prompt this issue.
  7. The user has entered an incorrect PSID in the company file.
  8. Your Windows version is not supported by your current QB Desktop version.
  9. The Paysub.ini file is damaged or corrupted.

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Solutions for the QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS036?

There are multiple solutions available that you can try out to eliminate the QuickBooks Payroll error PS036. Below are given some of the best possible ways to do it by yourself. Check them out.

  1. Open the Run window and type msconfig on it.
  2. Hit OK and hover to the General tab.
  3. Click on Selective startup and then Load system services.
  4. Click on Services tab and put a check-mark on the Hide all Microsoft Services box.
  5. Select Disable All option and then uncheck the box.
  6. Click on OK and select Restart.
  7. After accessing the Selective Startupmode, uninstall QuickBooks and install it again.
  8. Open the Run window again and type msconfig.
  9. Under the General tab, click on Normal Startup and select OK.
  10.  On the remaining window, click on Restart.
  1. Exit from QuickBooks and close your company file as well.
  2. Go to the desktop and right-click on the QB Desktop icon.
  3. Select Run as administrator and click on the help menu under the No Company Open screen.
  4. Select Update QuickBooks Desktop and hover to the Options tab.
  5. Click on Mark All option and select Save.
  6. Go to the Update Now tab, click on the Reset Update checkbox and choose Get Updates whenever you are ready.
  7. After the updates are downloaded, try downloading the Payroll tax table updates.
  1. Go to My Computer and click on the Organize button.
  2. Select the Folder and Search option and hover to the View tab.
  3. Click on the Hidden Files and Folders option and select it to make them visible.
  4. Click on Apply and then OK.
  5. Now hover back to the My Computer and using the search utility, look for the Paysub files.
  6. Right-click on the first file and choose Rename.
  7. Change the file extension as .old from .ini and do the same things on all the Paysub files.

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The payroll can’t update if your QuickBooks company file is damaged, and therefore you have to run QuickBooks File Doctor within QuickBooks Tool Hub. You can follow these below simple steps:

  1. Download QuickBooks Tool Hub if you do not have it from Intuit’s website and then open it.
  2. Click to run QuickBooks File Doctor from the company file issues tab. When it opens, choose the company file from the menu.
  3. If you can’t find the company file in the menu, you can also choose the option of Browse and search to navigate to the file.
  4. Select check your file option and click on continue.
  5. Now, verify QuickBooks Admin credentials and select next. It will take around some time to complete the repair; it totally depends upon your file size.
  6. When the scan is finished, go to the QuickBooks Desktop and download payroll updates again. Check for QuickBooks Error PS036 if it exists or not.
  1. Open the Company menu in QuickBooks and select My Company.
  2. Then, choose the Edit option under the Company Information.
  3. Select Company Information and type new EIN under Federal Employer Identification No. Field.
  4. In the end, click on OK and save the changes.

While going through the registration process you have to make sure to use the correct payroll service key, incorrect use can surely give you QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036. follow the below-given steps:

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop and go to the Employees menu.
  • Now you can right-click on the “My Payroll Service” option and click on the “Manage Service Key.”
  • Then remove the wrong service key, click on remove.
  • You can now select “Add” and type the correct key.
  • When the payroll update message pops up, hit on Next and select OK.
  • Take a look at the service status, if it is showing active then choose OK.


At the end of our blog on the QuickBooks error PS036, we would like to put some light on the fact that the above-mentioned solutions, however, are very reliable and useful, could not work out for your problem due to an unknown reason. If the caution happens to be true, feel free to seek external help by dialing QuickBooks Data Migration Services Number +1 888-704-1357 anytime.

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