Structured Procedure to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1903

Structured Procedure to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1903

Has it become impossible to install QuickBooks Desktop due to the repeated appearance of an error message stating QuickBooks Error 1903 during the installation process? Unfortunately, you are not the only one facing this issue; many other users have complained of encountering the same problem and are looking for a quick way out of it. But your lookout is about to end, as this article contains all the relevant information to get rid of QuickBooks Installation Error 1903.

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QuickBooks is the most relevant accounting software among small and medium scaled businesses, as all accountants prefer to use this software for their accounting tasks due to its modern features and advanced data security. The world is striving to make all human tasks as easy as possible, and for this, constant innovation is needed, and QuickBooks follows the same path. To make the workload of their users minimal, Intuit releases upgrades for their software at regular intervals.

Let us start understanding the multiple aspects of QuickBooks Error Code 1903, like its definition, causes, and much more, to resolve it more easily.

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What is QuickBooks Desktop Installation Error 1903?

As discussed earlier, QuickBooks Error Message 1903 appears when installing the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop application or opening the QuickBooks Desktop application after performing the installation. It is categorized as a runtime error and can make the users bear dire consequences by affecting the productivity of the organization. For example, your computer may freeze for a significant amount of time, and accessing the data file also gets affected. Many reasons can trigger this QuickBooks Error 1903, and these reasons are mentioned in the subsequent section.

Users need to download and install these upgrades in order to access the modern features and enjoy improved data security. Yet the process of installing the QuickBooks Desktop application is not as flawless as it should be, and a few errors, like QuickBooks Error 1903, emerge during this process. These hiccups can deprive users of the new facilities as well as stop the accounting operations of their organization. In order to not let this happen, this article will help you by providing all the necessary information to rectify QuickBooks Error 1903 within minimal steps.

Every error in the QuickBooks Desktop application emerges from the fact that there are a few shortcomings in the system and a few settings are not according to the needs of the accounting software. For example, the listicles below represent the many reasons that trigger Error 1903 in QuickBooks.

  • Many programs and files are present in QuickBooks and Windows that support the installation of the software, and if they are missing or corrupted, you may get errors like QuickBooks Desktop Installation Error 1903.
  • MS .NET Framework and MSXML are the components of Microsoft that support the functioning of QuickBooks, and if they incur flaws, errors like these are inevitable.
  • If Windows is not updated for a long time, it becomes incompatible with the updated QuickBooks software and thus invites many errors.
  • Damaged C++ files are also a significant contributor to the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 1903.

By the end of this section, we have completed and covered the basic information on QuickBooks Error Code 1903 and have seen its multiple aspects; therefore, it is time to move on to the rectification methods of this error.

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Eradication Measures for QuickBooks Error 1903

In this section of the article, we shall discuss how to repair the many factors mentioned in the causes section so that QuickBooks Error 1903 gets rectified automatically if we fix the root triggers.

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a product made by Intuit that assists the user in eradicating all the kinds of errors that occur while using QuickBooks using the various utilities allotted within it. QuickBooks Tool Hub is helpful in fixing Installation, Company File, Program Issues and much more with a quick scan. Thus, we will apply the easiest solution to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1903 by following the process mentioned below.

Step 1: Get QuickBooks Tool Hub on your PC

If you don’t already have QuickBooks Tool Hub on your PC, it is necessary to download and install it by obeying the instructions written below.

  • Go to the website of Intuit, visit the products page, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub application along with its installation files, and save those files to a convenient location.
  • Arrive at the site where you save the installation files of QuickBooks Tool Hub, which could be the Windows desktop or an approachable folder within This PC.
  • Here, look for the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file and double-click its bezel when you see it.
  • Tap the Yes button to allot permissions to make changes in the system and commence the installation.
  • Tap the Next button to reach the Terms and Condition page and click Yes to accept those terms and conditions.
  • Afterward, keep on clicking the Next button until the installation of QuickBooks Tool Hub is complete.
  • Here, tap the Finish icon to finalize the installation.
  • Lastly, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub application from the icon on the Windows desktop to see if it works properly.

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Step 2: Scan by QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is an assistant utility that scans the system to detect all the factors that are stopping the installation and rectify those issues, which can be done by the process below.

  • Launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub app from the icon created after installation on the Windows Desktop.
  • Next, enter into the Installation Issues section and tap the tile of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Wait for at least 20 minutes for the scan to conclude, and attempt the installation of the QuickBooks Desktop app after the scan.
  • To initiate the Windows update, enter into the Start menu and reach out to the Settings section.
  • Here, go inside the Update and Security section.
  • Further, visit the Windows Update section.
  • Now, tap the Check for Updates alternative.
  • If any updates are shown available to be acquired, download and install them on the system.

Lastly, restart the computer.

  • Mark the alternative named Load Startup Items if it is seen as unmarked.
  • Now, tap the OK button.
  • Tap the Reboot icon if asked to do so.
  • Further, uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop application and reinstall it.
  • Initiate the startup of the Run window by tapping the Windows + R keys on the keyboard to begin this process.
  • Write ‘MSConfig’ in the search field of the Run dialog box and hit the OK button.
  • Enter into the General section, and choose the Normal Startup resort.
  • Click Apply and then hit OK.
  • Reboot the system. Lastly, Restart the computer.

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Stage 1: Fix the Microsoft .NET framework

  • Commence the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys.
  • Write ‘control’ in the designated search field of the Run dialog box.
  • Reach out to the Program and features alternative.
  • Tap the Turn Windows Features On or Off resort.
  • Mark .NET Framework 3.5 and all the versions after .NET Framework 4.5, then click OK.
  • Restart the PC.

Stage 2: Fix Microsoft MSXML

  • Commence the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys.
  • Write ‘Appwiz.cpl’ in the designated search field of the Run dialog box.
  • Tap the MSXML 6.0 resort from the list and click the Uninstall button.
  • Arrive at the Microsoft website and download the MSXML and its MSXML.msi file.
  • Double-tap the MSXML.msi file to renew its installation and follow the instruction on the screen to complete the process.
  • Lastly, attempt the pending installation of QuickBooks Desktop and see if QuickBooks Error 1903 is eradicated.

Ending Remarks

With this article, we have attempted to inform you of all the aspects of QuickBooks Error 1903 and provided its comprehensive list of rectification measures. Hopefully, the QuickBooks Error Code 1903 has vanished from the system, and QuickBooks installation has become easy. However, if QuickBooks Installation Error 1903 prevails on your computer or you have other QuickBooks issues, dial +1 888-704-1357 to seek the suggestions of our QuickBooks Data Migration Services experts.

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