Guided Procedure for QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost

The one thing that really bugs the multi-server users from time to time is the QuickBooks connection has been lost Windows 11. It shows up unannounced citing the problems in your hosting server and the workstations’ connection. As most of the QuickBooks users are organizations who depend on it everyday on multiple computers, the issue can really hinder the productive ball rolling out for them. To counter it, we have written down some troubleshooting ways to put the application back in the business. Follow the blog till the end.

When we talk about the QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file error, you must understand that it is a complicated issue by nature. It is advisable to have an expert’s opinion by your side while dealing with it. Get it now by calling on +1 888-704-1357 anytime.

What is the QuickBooks Connection has been lost issue Windows 10 faced by users?

QuickBooks connection has been lost Windows 10 error can be highly annoying as it causes failure in accessing the company file. Whatever you wish to open won’t show up because of the error. This error causes severe headaches because neither the user can update the application, access the company file, or conduct other operations.

This error is even more of a problem when unsaved data is in the file. The users stand at risk of losing this file. Users might be prompted to re-enter all the information manually when they encounter QuickBooks network connection failure.

The QuickBooks connections has been lost windows 11 error can appear in the following instances;

  • Attempting or accessing a company file can be one instance of an error.
  • The connection has been lost QuickBooks error appear while you update the QuickBooks application.
  • Sending e-mails to others can also be an instance of this error.

QuickBooks unable to send email due to network connection failure can appear due to various reasons.

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Before we discuss the solutions out loud in the open, let’s hover over the causes behind the network connection error in QuickBooks. Take a look.

  • The Anti-Virus firewall interrupts the connection between the host server and workstations. It might cause “QuickBooks is unable to send emails due to network connection failure.”
  • The Company File folder requires additional permission from the Database Server Manager.
  • The Power Saving mode is on and thus limiting the efficiency of QuickBooks.
  • QBCFMonitorService might end unexpectedly, leading to QuickBooks connection has been lost error
  • Interruptions might arise in the server connection.
  • A Damaged network descriptor file might lead to these issues.
  • Hosting computers in standing or hibernation mode can lead to QuickBooks connection issues.
  • Multiple QuickBooks database services running at the same time can lead to this issue.
  • Corrupt QB installation files are more reasons for this error.
  • Windows user admin privileges might not be available.
  • The internet configuration settings might not be correct.
  • Problem the connection to this QuickBooks error might be because of an outdated QB application.

It can be highly annoying to see QuickBooks encountered a network problem. So, the steps required to resolve it become crucial.

What should I do to eliminate the QuickBooks connection has been lost error Windows 11?

There are only a couple of things that you could try to eradicate the QuickBooks online connection issues Windows 11 off your computer system. Here are them.

Get QB Tool Hub on your system to eradicate the QuickBooks connection has been lost.

  • Exit from QuickBooks and go to Intuit’s website.
  • Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub File and save it on your desktop or somewhere else from where it is easily accessible.
  • Double-click on the file QuickBooksToolHub.exe that you have downloaded to open it.
  • Once the QuickBooks Tool Hub opens, choose Program Problems from the left pane.
  • Click on Quick Fix my Program and let the software run the troubleshooting process.
  • Head toward the second solution.

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Undertake QB File Doctor solution to fix the connection to the company file has been lost error.

  • From the QuickBooks Tool Hub you downloaded in the first step, look for QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Run the program and check the results.
  • If the results show no problem is detected, then the company file is OK, and you could perform the Verify and Rebuild utility if the error prompts again.
  • However, if the troubleshooting encounters a few problems, you need to either repair the file or restore the lost data from the company file backup or the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.
  • If the company file happens to be on a portable drive rather than your computer or another workstation, make sure to resolve these issues first that are complicating the network connection through the next solutions.

You need to have access permissions on Windows to resolve QuickBooks the connection to the company file has been lost error.

  • First of all, restart your server and then do the same in all the workstations.
  • Make sure to check the network, especially if you have a wireless connection.
  • Try opening or creating other format files on the server. If you cannot complete the action, review the Windows Access Permissions of your system.
  • Press the Windows key and type Power Options to disable the power management settings on the server, and if that does not do the trick, try the final solution.

You need to stop hosting multi-user access to resolve the connection to the company file has been lost error.

  1. Open QuickBooks and fix the hosting on the server computer by going to Utilities under the File menu.
  2. Enable the Host Multi-User Access. If it says Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, do nothing.
  3. Look for the .ND file under the parent folder of QuickBooks in your computer and delete it.
  4. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager will automatically create another .ND file, thus, resolving the network connection error.
  5. Now, for the workstations, make sure to disable the Multi-User Access by following the first step of the solution.
  6. After that open the company file through UNCpath through these steps.
    • Go to QuickBooks and hover to the File menu.
    • Click on Open or Restore Company and choose Open a company file.
    • Select My Network Places in the left pane of the window and double-click on the Entire Network.

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Tasks to do on host computer:

Check if the QB Database Server Manager is installed on host computer

Press “Windows” key and type QuickBooks on the search bar. If the QB Database Server Manager or QuickBooks does not appear on the list then it is sure that you have to install QuickBooks first before going on to the next step.

Hosting Configurations:

  • If the host computer has QuickBooks installed on it
  • Select QuickBooks.
  • Now choose file and go to the utilities section
  • The menu displays “Host Multi-User Access” then you can choose this option and enable the hosting on this particular computer.
  • If the host computer does not have QuickBooks installed on it
  • From the Windows System Tray double-click on the QB Database Server Manager icon. Alternatively you can go to “start” and from there navigate to “All Programs -> QuickBooks -> QuickBooks Database Server Manager”.
  • Choose Database Server from the tab.
  • The company file needs to appear in the window under the section “Currently Connected Company files and logged in users” so, do verify that.
  • Leave the QB Database Server Manager window.

Workstations Configurations:

  • Turn off hosting before you start these steps
  • Go to QuickBooks.
  • Now select File -> Utilities.
  • If the menu displays you “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” then you have to disable the hosting on this computer and move on to the next solution.
  • Use a UNC path to open the company file
  • Open QuickBooks from start menu.
  • Select File -> Open or Restore Company.
  • Open the company file from the option and then click next.
  • Click on “My Network Places” from open a company file window inside the left pane.
  • Search for the company file’s location on server.
  • Choose and open the selected company file.

Still Facing QuickBooks Connection Has been Lost Issue

In the end of the article on QuickBooks connection has been lost, we would like to draw the attention of our readers to the fact that these solutions are case-different and they might not solve out the problem that you are experiencing owing to a lot of different reasons. For that case, we would like to suggest an alternative of dialing +1 888-704-1357 and speak to a QuickBooks Data Migration Service professional to help you out.

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What else should I do to fix the QuickBooks connection has been lost error?

You need to undertake the following actions:
1. Add Intuit as your trusted website.
2. Run System File Checker.
3. Delete blank spaces from everywhere in the file name.
4. End database server processes from the task manager.
5. Check the internet connection.

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