Resolved QuickBooks Error 6123 0 | The Company File Cannot be Opened

Resolved QuickBooks Error 6123 0 | The Company File Cannot be Opened

QuickBooks error 6123 appears while accessing and working on your company files. However, this issue can affect the user considerably and may require troubleshooting immediately. Let’s look into how you can fix QuickBooks error 6123, 0.

Opening, upgrading, and backing up company files is a frequent procedure while using the QuickBooks program. However, the bothersome error 6123 QuickBooks would appear suddenly and without warning, which would stop all of your work. Well, if you have encountered such a problem, don’t freak out. By quitting several programs and editing your business file, you may fix it fairly and quickly. Let’s examine the cause of QuickBooks error 6123, 0 and also how can you fix it?.

QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 – Why it gets displayed on your computer screen?

You could get QuickBooks error code 6123 while attempting to restore, open, or upgrade the QB company file. Such an error code may be caused by firewall restrictions on the system, damaged data files, or any antivirus software. Additionally, it happens while opening a business file from a multi-user network. Anytime you have the error 6123, 0 QuickBooks, the following error message will appear on your screen:

Error 6123, 0: “We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file.”

There are numerous additional causes, some of which are listed down in this guide, for the error 6123 in QuickBooks Desktop. Let’s go over each one.

If you are a newbie or non-technical and encountering error code -6123, 0, Well, in that circumstances, We suggest not to perform any single step in the absence of QB Proadvisors. To reach out to QuickBooks Proadvisors, contact at QuickBooks Desktop Technical Support at +1 888-704-1357.

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What is Error 6123 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Error 6123 shows up when the user is upgrading, restoring, or opening the data file, and the error message shows, “We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file.” To troubleshoot it at a fast pace, you can use QuickBooks Tool Hub, which is pretty handy for fixing such issues.

Reasons why users get Error 6123 0 in QuickBooks

There are various reasons that can trigger the QuickBooks error 6123 0. You can see the issue is displayed in front of your system screen as: “we’re sorry for the inconvenience, But QuickBooks facing a problem to open your company file“. Understanding them can help us narrow down our troubleshooting approach to one or two methods. We have listed the common reasons for error 6123 QuickBooks Desktop below for you:

  • An invalid or corrupt data file is one most prevalent reasons for Error 6123.
  • If you use the McAfee antivirus software and the ‘Block Web Bugs’ filter is disabled, you may encounter QuickBooks error code 6123.
  • The firewall configuration blocks a crucial server communication port 8080.
  • If the Windows Operating System is crashed or gets damaged, QuickBooks error 6123 0 may appear.
  • Multiple QuickBooks Database servers running on your system can also prompt the error.
  • Trying to restore the backup from online storage or an external storage device can get you the 6123 error QuickBooks.
  • Corrupt network connection can announce the arrival of a 6123 QuickBooks error.
  • When you open the same company file on another QuickBooks version, error 6123, 0 QuickBooks may appear.
  • Outdated QuickBooks application is among the primary reasons for the occurrence of 6123 error QuickBooks.
  • Change in the name of the host computer can result in 6123 0 QuickBooks.

Prerequisites for QuickBooks error 6123 0

Before implementing the troubleshooting methods for error code 6123 0 QuickBooks Desktop, ensure to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Update your QB Desktop.
  • Try at least once to Restart your computer before you execute the troubleshooting methods for QuickBooks error message 6123 0.
  • Check “QuickBooksDBXX” service is running, If your QuickBooks company file is hosted on the server.
  • Update your Windows/MAC before rectifying error 6123 in QuickBooks Desktop.

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Use these brief methods to fix QuickBooks Error 6123 0

Let us move on to the detailed troubleshooting methods for QuickBooks Error 6123 0. The resolution methods depend upon the reason causing the error. If you have figured out the reason, you can simply move on to the concerned troubleshooting method. If you are not sure, follow the methods in the order given below to get rid of error code 6123 in QuickBooks Desktop:

Method 1: Take help of QB Tool Hub to Fix QuickBooks Error 6123

Intuit has specially designed QuickBooks Tools Hub to fix all sorts of QuickBooks errors. The tool can also be used to fix the QuickBooks error 6123. If you already have the tool hub on your system, check the version in the ‘About’ section. If it’s outdated, then install the latest version from Intuit’s website. Follow the steps mentioned below after that:

Download the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. Click on the link to download the QuickBooksToolHub.exe File.
  2. The moment the download is finished, Start the Install process and follow the on-screen instruction.
  3. Click on Finish.
Use Program problem Fixer tool from Tool hub
  1. Close the QuickBooks application and click on the ‘Tools Hub’ icon on the Desktop to open it.
  2. Got to the ‘Program Problems’ section.
  3. Click on the button saying ‘QuickFix my Program.’
  4. Wait while the tool takes its time to fix the issue.
  5. Open your QuickBooks Desktop after it has completed to see if if QB error 6123 0 is resolved.
Bring QB File Doctor to the rescue

If you are still getting the QuickBooks Error 6123, then run the File Doctor tool. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the ‘Company File Issues’ section of the Tools Hub.
  2. Press the green button saying ‘Run QuickBooks File Doctor.’
  3. When the tool opens, click on the downward arrow to open the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the file with which you are facing issues or click on the ‘Browse’ button if you do not find the file in there.
  5. Find the file named ‘[your company name].qbw’ and then select the ‘Check your file’ box.
  6. Press the ‘Continue’ button and fill in your password when prompted.
  7. The tool will start the repair when you press the ‘Continue’ button again.
  8. Click on ‘Open QuickBooks’ when the repair finishes.

Check if the QuickBooks 6123 error is resolved. In case, it persists, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Method 2: Restoring the Company File Directly from the Hard Drive

If you are trying to restore the company file from a backup that is not stored on the hard drive, you may get QuickBooks Error 6123. It is a good practice to save a copy of the backup file on an external storage device or online. If you try to restore the (.qbb) file saved elsewhere, the error may occur, but there is a pretty easy method to resolve it. Follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the (.qbb) file saved on the network, external storage, or online.
  2. Do not open the file if it’s stored elsewhere.
  3. Paste the file to an easily accessible location on your hard drive, preferably the computer’s desktop.
  4. Perform the backup restore using this file.

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Method 3: Making a Portable Copy of the Backup File

You can come across the QuickBooks error 6123, 0 when you try to restore your company file’s backup on a new computer. Since it’s a new computer, copying the file to the hard disk would not resolve the issue. To resolve the error, you need to create a portable company file (.qbm) and then perform the restore. The detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop on the computer that was originally used to create the backup.
  2. Open your company file on this computer.
  3. Click on the ‘File’ menu and select the ‘Create Copy’ option.
  4. Select ‘Portable Company File’ from the options and then hit the ‘Next’ button.
  5. Assign a unique name to this file and save it on an easily accessible location.
  6. Click on the ‘Save’ button and select ‘OK’ when prompted.
  7. You can now export this file to a flash drive or save it online.

Note:The portable Company file can be used to access all the information of the Company file. It is password-protected, so remember the password when you use it to restore on the new computer.

  • Insert the flash drive in the new computer or access the Online location where the portable file is saved.
  • Download the file on the new computer.
  • Open the QuickBooks application on the new computer.
  • Go to the ‘File’ menu and then click on ‘Open or Restore Company.’
  • Click on the ‘Restore a portable file’ option and then hit the ‘Next’ button.
  • Select the file that you had created earlier and dab on the ‘Open’ button.
  • Click on ‘Next’ and then ‘Save’ to complete the process.

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Method 4: Change the extension of ND and TLG files

Rename the correspondence files of your Company file and these files will re-generate automatically once you start the QuickBooks, Thus you don’t need to worry about any data loss and the steps are below as:

ND(Network data) File:- It is one necessary file accountable for holding the network configuration settings and allowing QuickBooks to run on a cloud or multi-user environment. One preceding cause for error 6123 in QuickBooks.

TLG(Transaction Log) File:– TLG file is the file that keeps all the duplicate entries of your company file, and each time you open the company file in a new place, it creates automatically. If your QuickBooks is using a corrupted TLG file, this can draw circumstances for QuickBooks error 6123.

  • Navigate to the directory where your company file located.
  • Next, Lookup for the file with extension ND and TLG.
  • Later, Click RMB over any one file and then select for the rename, and repeat the process for another file.
  • Restart your computer, then Open your QB desktop. And at last open the data file.

Method 5: Use Verify and Rebuild Data utility from QB

Verify and Rebuild data is a utility that considers a redeemer because of its usability. If your company file has data integrity issues, verifying data will help identify discrepancies, and rebuilding data will help reconstruct the data. The steps to run verify and rebuild data are:

  • Start the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on the File > Utility verify Data.
  • Let the Tool Find the discrepancy and If the tool not find any issue with data file, Then no further action require to perform.
  • Click on the File > utility Rebuild data to perform the rebuild data.
  • Note: While you are rebuilding the data, it will forcefully ask you to take a backup of your company file data because the rebuild process tool might need to delete some entries from your data file.

Select the location where you want to save the backup file and wait until the rebuild completes the reconstruction process.

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Method 6: Change the hosting settings in the QB application

  • Open the QuickBooks company file.
  • Select the file tab and then choose the switch company file to single-user mode if it is already opened in multi-user mode.
  • You can also take this step and stop the hosting multi-user access from the file –> utilities option.
  • Now again, switch to multi-user mode by following the file –> utilities –> host multi-user access. Click on yes when prompted to host multi-user access.
  • In the end, select the file tab and then switch to multi-user mode.

Method 7: Move QB company file to a different location

  • If you would like to check if there is some issue with the file path, then you have to move it to some other place and then open it again. It will clarify this doubt.
  • Check for the company file on the system and then copy it.
  • You must copy the file ending with .QBW.
  • Make a new folder at the new location and then paste the company file there.

Now try to open the company file in the QuickBooks from the new location.

Method 8: Restart the system in safe mode

  • The safe mode of your system is the better option if your QuickBooks application conflicts with the other installed programs.
  • You can also disable the third-party applications in safe mode for some moment.

An alternate solution you can use here is disabling them when you are working normally.

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Method 9: Create a portable copy of the company file and then restore it

  • Open the system on which you were working earlier and have the company file; also, open QuickBooks desktop.
  • Now open the original company file.
  • Make a portable version of this company file. Open another system and also open the QB program on that. You can use the backup of the company file if you have created or you can simply restore the company file using the portable copy.

Method 10: Get a New Windows User Created

Since a damaged Windows user is one of the causes of QB error 6123, consider the following steps:

  • Launch the Control panel and go to the Users section.
  • Here, you’ll find an option to add a new user.
  • Choose the user type as admin and log out of the existing types.
  • Now, restart the system and log in with new credentials.
  • Users need to move the company files to the desktop.
  • Further, they should open QuickBooks and access their company file.

Additional guide:

If no solutions help you to resolve error 6123, So you can try to use some additional solutions which is quite straightforward and supposed to resolve Error 6XXX from your system.

change your Firewall settings in the OS

A firewall is a piece of software that regulates the internet, which applications can access and which can’t. You may encounter the error if your firewall isn’t configured according to QuickBooks and its programs. Therefore we have added the list of the programs those you need to add to your firewall settings.

  • AutoBackupExe.exe
  • DBManagerExe.exe
  • QBUpdate.exe
  • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
  • QBCFMonitorService.exe
  • QBDBMgrN.exe

Note: If there is any problem with configuring the firewall, So you should ask IT or reach out to the direct QuickBooks Proadvisorss team.

What to do next to eliminate the issue?

We have handpicked the above-mentioned solutions so you shall fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6123 smoothly. If you are still not getting any benefit from executing these steps then you should immediately consult your query with our QuickBooks Data Migration Services Support Team. As we do provide an option for you so that you can interact with them one on one and also fix your other related problems. If you would like to reach them then you can dial this toll-free number +1 888-704-1357.

FAQ’s For QuickBooks Error Code 6123

Why am I getting QuickBooks Error 6123 as I try to open the company file?

The most apparent reason for Error 6123 in QuickBooks, If the company file is Displaced or the file is damaged.

How can I fix QuickBooks Error code 6123?

Moved the Company File to the Local Storage.
Repair the Data file Using the QB File Doctor.

How to Fix Error 6123 When Restoring QBB File?

You should First move your company file to the local storage, then Try to Restore the data from that QBB file.

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