Easy Solutions Guide to Resolve QuickBooks Update Error 12157

Easy Solutions Guide to Resolve QuickBooks Update Error 12157

QuickBooks error 12157 is an update error in the software that belongs to the error code 12000 series. The error mainly arises due to the Internet connectivity issues in Windows OS with Microsoft Win32 Internet, also referred to as WinInet API. The API enables QuickBooks to access several Internet protocols such as HTTP, FTP, & Gopher swiftly. However, this error arises when the API doesn’t work properly. This blog illustrates the important aspects of about this QuickBooks error, along with its troubleshooting methods.

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What is QuickBooks Update Error 12157

QuickBooks Update Error 12157 typically occurs when there are issues with updating the software to the latest version. This error can be frustrating as it may hinder the smooth functioning of QuickBooks and disrupt business operations. Common causes of this error include network connectivity problems, firewall or antivirus settings blocking QuickBooks updates, or issues with the server hosting the QuickBooks update files. Resolving QuickBooks Update Error 12157 often involves troubleshooting network connections, ensuring proper firewall and antivirus configurations, and sometimes manually updating QuickBooks. Seeking assistance from QuickBooks support or consulting online resources for specific troubleshooting steps can help address this error effectively.

To prevent QuickBooks Update Error 12157 from recurring, it’s essential to regularly update QuickBooks to the latest version and ensure a stable network connection. Performing routine maintenance checks on firewall and antivirus settings can also help mitigate potential conflicts with QuickBooks updates. Additionally, staying informed about common QuickBooks errors and their resolutions can empower users to address issues promptly and maintain the seamless operation of their QuickBooks software. By staying proactive and taking appropriate measures, businesses can minimize the impact of QuickBooks Update Error 12157 and ensure smooth software functionality for efficient financial management.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 12157 While Updating the Software?

In the middle of the QuickBooks update process, you may see an error message abruptly flashing on your screen that obstructs the update process. This error message arises due to the below-listed reasons-

Unfavorable Internet Settings: Certain Internet settings or security application settings may interfere with and update and cause error 12157 in QuickBooks.

Multiple QB Version on the Same Computer: Multiple versions of the QuickBooks on the same device and of the same year can trigger update error in QuickBooks. For instance: QB Desktop Pro 2016 and QB Desktop on the same device.

Restrictive Settings of Firewall: Sometimes, Firewall or other security applications can interrupt an update process due to the security reasons.

Aftermath of QB Error 12157

The occurrence of QuickBooks error 12157 may leave various circumstances on your business accounting process such as-

  • An update process in the QuickBooks Desktop gets interrupted as soon the error code appears
  • Appearance of this QuickBooks error message code with every failed attempt
  • Loss of crucial accounting time and peace of mind

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How to Treat QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

The below-described solutions can help you to get rid of QuickBooks error 12157 immediately, provided they are being-followed with the full attention.

Note: Make sure that your Internet connectivity is intact, and the date and time settings on your computer are accurate. (For instructions follow article How to set your time on Windows)

Solution 1: Perform the Restoration of Advanced Settings of IE

An erroneous Advanced Settings in your default Internet browser may give rise to QuickBooks error 12157. Restoring the settings to default can fix the glitch.

  • Leave QuickBooks in the first place to start the troubleshooting process
  • Open Internet Explorer and select Tools from Menu Bar
  • Go to the Internet Options and then choose Advanced tab
  • In the final step, you have to choose the Restore Advanced Settings to accomplish the task

Now go back to QuickBooks Desktop and try to update the application again. If QB Desktop update error 12157 appears again, then move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Configure Firewall/ Third-Party Application

The settings of your firewall or third party internet security applications prevent an update for QB Desktop or payroll. The update process can only be completed when these applications enable incoming and outgoing access via 10172 ports. You will need Internet access for various files with .exe extensions such as QBDBMgrN.exe, QBW32.exe, and FileManagement.exe.

Solution 3: Correct QB Desktop & IE settings

Your QuickBooks Desktop and Internet Explorer should be in agreement with each other; otherwise, QuickBooks maintenance release error 12157 may take place. To ensure the compatibility between the two, you should check them both periodically and update them with the latest bug resolutions.

Solution 4: Verify Network Connectivity

QuickBooks Update Error 12157 can often be attributed to network connectivity issues. To address this, start by checking your internet connection and ensuring it is stable. You can also try resetting your router or modem to refresh the connection. Additionally, consider testing the connection on another device to determine if the issue is localized to your computer. By ensuring a stable network connection, you can minimize the occurrence of QuickBooks Update Error 12157 and facilitate smooth updates for your QuickBooks software.

Solution 5: Disable Firewall and Antivirus Programs

Firewall or antivirus settings may sometimes interfere with QuickBooks updates, leading to Error. To troubleshoot this, temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus programs and attempt to update QuickBooks again. If the update is successful without the error, you can then re-enable your firewall and antivirus with adjustments to allow QuickBooks updates through their settings. By temporarily disabling these programs and adjusting their settings, you can resolve conflicts that may be causing QuickBooks Update Error 12157 and ensure uninterrupted software updates.


The above-discussed solutions are some of the most preferred solutions that can help you to eliminate this QuickBooks update error code. Alternatively, you can get swift support from QB expert in resolving the technical nuisance and resume your day-to-day business accounting. Call our QuickBooks Data Migration Services number +1 888-704-1357, connect with a tech-wizard, and describe the status of QuickBooks error 12157 for instant resolution.

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