QuickBooks offers excellent payroll management features unparalleled to any other accounting software in the market. It automatically calculates all the major payroll taxes with the help of the latest tax tables and files them instantly. The users had to download these tax tables from Intuit at their own convenience. However, they often face the QuickBooks error 15102 while downloading or installing software updates for QuickBooks and payroll. The error message states the error code along with the text – “Failed to reset update”. More on the issue is discussed in the blog below.

The solutions mentioned below to resolve the QuickBooks error 15102 will take some time and effort from the user’s end to fix the problem. If you need immediate troubleshooting help for it, call on the toll-free number +1 888-704-1357 and get an expert on the line to assist you anytime.

What are the Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Update Error 15102?

If you are getting the error 15102 while downloading payroll updates in QuickBooks, it might be so because of one or all of the following reasons. Take a look.

  • The user is downloading the latest tax table on an obsolete QuickBooks version.
  • The location of the shared download folder is not accessible anymore.
  • The user is running the QuickBooks on Windows Vista without Admin privileges.
  • The user is running QuickBooks in multi-user mode through Remote Desktop Services.

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What are the Solutions to Rectify the QuickBooks Error 15102?

If you are using QuickBooks on Windows Vista, try to run the application as administrator or log in as Windows admin. Some other solutions to fix the payroll update error 15102 in QuickBooks are given below.

Solution- 1: Switch to single user mode if you’re using multi-user mode

  • Open QuickBooks Application through the Start menu, if you have got a desktop icon then double click there to open.
  • Now, move to the File tab.
  • Navigate to the “Switch to Single-user Mode” option so click there.

Solution- 2: Update the QuickBooks to the Latest Release

If you are getting the QuickBooks payroll error 15102 while trying to download the latest tax tables, then you need to update your QuickBooks application first by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Exit QuickBooks and close your company file/s.
  • Click on the Start menu and type QuickBooks in the search bar.
  • Right-click on the QB icon and select Run as administrator.
  • Click on the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Visit the Options tab and click on the box facing the Mark All option followed by the Save button.
  • Now go to the Update Now tab and put a checkmark on the Reset Update checkbox.
  • At last, click on Get Updates and once the update is downloaded, restart QuickBooks.
  • Click Yes on the installation prompt to install the updates.
  • After the updates are installed, restart your system and try to download the tax tables again.

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Solution- 3: Check whether the Mapped File Location for the Shared Download Folder is Correct

If the mapped file location is wrong or not accessible, you won’t be able to download and store the update. After switching to the single-user mode, follow the steps mentioned below to check if the location is correct or not.

  • Open QuickBooks and press the CTRL key + 1 to prompt the Product Information window.
  • Write down the mapped location path and go to the Help menu.
  • Select Update QuickBooks and go to the Options tab.
  • Now, compare the location you wrote down earlier with the one stated here.
  • If the location is not correct, change the Yes option selected for the Shared Download to No or vice-versa.
  • Select Close and try to download the tax table again.

Important- If the location turns out to be correct, follow the steps mentioned below to re-map it to a different drive letter.

  • Go to the Windows File Explorer and click on This PC tab.
  • Select Map a network drive under the Computer tab and choose any unused drive letter.
  • Click on Browse and navigate to the location of your company file on the network.
  • Click on OK followed Finish.
  • From QuickBooks, open the company file using the new mapped drive.
  • Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks.
  • From the Options tab, turn off the Shared Download option and turn it back on again.
  • Make sure that the download location is the new mapped drive.
  • Select Save and then Close.

Solution- 4: If the download location is correct remap the drive to a brand new letter

  • First, you have got to shut the QuickBooks Company File.
  • Now you’ll Remap network drive to a brand new letter.
  • Using new mapped-drive letter open Company File.
  • Then select Help and update QuickBooks.
  • Now you’ll click on the choices Tab.
  • Then turn Shared Download off and switch it on again.
  • Check for the download location, if it’s employing a new mapped-drive letter.
  • Hit on Save then Close.
  • After this, you can download the most recent version of the tax table again.

Solution- 5: If you’re continuously facing issues in windows vista then run QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator

  • Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon then value more highly to Run as Administrator.
  • Hit the Continue tab when User Account Control asks you to run the applying.
  • After this, you’ll be able to reset the QuickBooks Updates.

Conclusion for QuickBooks Error 15102

At this point, we would like to conclude our blog on the QuickBooks error 15102. Our sole aim in producing this post is to address your queries and give solutions to help with issues related to payroll updates. However, if none of the steps work out for you, dial the helpline number +1 888-704-1357 and get a QuickBooks Data Migration Services experts instantly to help you out.

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