Effective Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks Error H202

Effective Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks Error H202

QuickBooks Error H202 prevents users from functioning smoothly in the multi-user mode. Such errors can cause significant problems with users’ productivity and work routines. Therefore, we have curated this guide to let you get rid of this issue effectively and quickly.

Most SMBs are using QuickBooks to create and track invoices, print financial statements, create profit and loss reports, create balance sheet reports, etc. It has given great support to the finances of any business, but it often encounters some critical issues. As a QuickBooks user, you often need to work with another person holding a file. QuickBooks multi-user feature comes to the rescue at this point, but users might encounter QuickBooks Error code H202 here. It is the one error that users often face when they try to open a company file in multi-user mode.

Are you unable to access the data file from the server and getting error H202? You can follow these exact troubleshooting steps or call on QuickBooks Desktop support number +1 888-704-1357 and Let Professionals troubleshoot for you while sitting on your couch.

Know about multi-user switching issue – QuickBooks Error Code H202

Before you start knowing the causes or solutions to fix it, It is good to know precisely the error H202 in QuickBooks. This Hosting error is what you may encounter in the various events while working in multi-user mode and most of the time while switching into multi-user mode, Though the causes may differ. For example, you may encounter an error in the form of the below state messages.

QuickBooks Error H202: This data file is hosted in another computer, and QuickBooks require some assistance to fix it.

Can't Open the multi-user mode Error H202

These messages indicate that the multi-user connection to the server is blocked. QuickBooks Error H202 shows that the system requires some support in connecting with the company file located on another server. Several reasons can be responsible for such issues to arise. Let’s look into them to understand the H202 error QuickBooks better.

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Perfect causes explaining the QuickBooks Error Code H202

QB error code H202 can take place due to several reasons as stated in the below-given list:

  1. Restrictive Firewall and/or Internet security settings, preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server and leading to QuickBooks H202 error.
  2. Due to lack of firewall port configuration QuickBooks can’t communicate with the company file.
  3. Inappropriate hosting configuration settings in QuickBooks can also trigger QB error H202.
  4. When QuickBooks Database Server Manager conflicts with the DNS server
  5. Damaged or corrupt network data (.ND) file attracts H202 QuickBooks.
  6. The QuickBooks Desktop may not have the IP address of the host or server.
  7. Various essential QB services like QBCF Monitor and QuickBooks DBXX may not be running in the background, leading to the QuickBooks h202 Windows server 2012.
  8. Inactive or disabled QuickBooks services on the server can also result in this error.
  9. Blocked multi-user connection can cause issues in connecting with the server, leading to the QuickBooks h202 error.

How can you recognize the Intuit Error Code H202?

When QuickBooks intuit error H202 occurs, you may experience the below-given symptoms:

  1. QuickBooks error message H202 appears on the screen and crashes an active Window.
  2. You might face trouble switching to multi-user mode due to error code H202 QuickBooks.
  3. Trouble in opening the company file located on the other computer.
  4. Sluggish performance of your computer can also indicate QB error H202.
  5. QuickBooks freezes periodically for a few seconds.

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Fix QuickBooks Error H202 with Ease

QuickBooks error H202 can prevent you from accessing your company records and, therefore, needs to get resolved immediately. To fix the QuickBooks H202 error code, follow the below-given solutions:

Solution 1) Ping the Server to Verify the Workstation-Server Connectivity Status

Note: This technique will help you to recognize it from the master QuickBooks server end or something else.

  • Open commands prompt by pressing the Windows and on your keyboard altogether, Enter “Ipconfig” and Hit Enter right after the CMD window open.
  • Note Down the IP address of your QuickBooks server.
  • Next, open the workstation where you have encountered the QuickBooks Error Code H202, Open the Command Prompt as an admin by pressing Windows + R Key.
  • Now Type Ping [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] and then Hit Enter.
  • If you Receive the response time fast and No data loss in the entire process, it means that there are no connectivity issues.

If you discern packet loss throughout the ping process due to QuickBooks error H202 switching to multi-user mode, in that case, we suggest you contact your IT department. Else, contact QuickBooks Professionals on their helpline Number +1 888-704-1357.

Solution 2) Add QuickBooks Master Server to windows workstation hosts file

If you are not a geek then you should either let your IT person know about the issue or you can also contact the number flashing on the website to reach our QuickBooks experts for assistance because the following troubleshooting level would be sightly steeper for you.

  1. To acquire the name and IP address of the server you can follow the above-stated solution.
  2. Next, Start the Workstation where H202 QuickBooks error has been encountered. Move to the Windows 64 variants C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers\Etc, folder or Windows 32 variants C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc folder and there look-up for the hosts files. You can either constantly press the H key on your keyboard till you find the hosts file or Search for the hosts file using the search bar at the top.

Open the hosts file and at the bottom of the content in the file add the server name and ip address as shown in the square brackets “[Server Ip-address Server name]” and once you have done, Follow the same steps for the sever computer.

Now at last try to perform the exact same operation that was triggering the error earlier to verify QuickBooks Error H202 is resolved or not and if it continues, then you contact us and let qualified experts resolve the issue for you.

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Solution 3) Network Issue Program From Tool Hub

Tool Hub is a kind of one-stop solution for QuickBooks and we have asserted steps below How to Download and Use QuickBooks Tool Hub to swiftly resolve Code H202 from your System.

#1: Download and Install the Tool Hub on the server computer.

  1. Begin the Download process by clicking on the Link to Download Tool Hub.
  2. Follow the on-screen instruction carefully to install QuickBooks Tool Hub to ease the QuickBooks h202 Windows server 2019 fixing process.

#2: Run Network issues Tool From Tool Hub

  1. Start the Tool Hub By Just Double-clicking on the Desktop Icon.
  2. In The Home Screen of Tool Hub, Choose the Network issues Tool.
  3. Afterwards, click on the QuickBooks Database server manager, and If in the server QBDB server manager isn’t installed then it will give rise to installing QuickBooks Database server manager.
  4. Next, In the Database server manager click on the “Start scan” button, If you are able to see Data File Directory and in case, You Don’t see Directory, Then browse the Directory, Then Click on Start Scan.
  5. If there is an issue with firewall permission then it will automatically make it according to QuickBooks. Click on “Close” once the Scan is Finished.
  6. Now, Check-in Those workstations where you were facing the QuickBooks error H202 multi-user and switch to Multi-user mode.

Solution 4) Install Network Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool can help you in resolving network-related issues in the QuickBooks while working in multi-user mode.

  1. Download the QuickBooks install tool and save it to a suitable location.
  2. Now use the tool to diagnose the QuickBooks error code H202, and it will scan the connection statusFirewall status, and internet connectivity issues.
  3. Once you are done, try to access your company file. If the error code H202 in QuickBooks continues, try the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 5) Reboot QuickBooks Database Server Manager Services to fix QuickBooks Error H202

If none of the troubleshooting solutions can bring luck to the error H202 QuickBooks, start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager service. It will create .ND file, which is a configuration file used by QuickBooks to access the company file on the network. Installing the tool can help you in running multiple versions of the QuickBooks processes. Besides, it will also scan your file in multi-user mode. After that, check the status for QuickBooks error code H202.

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Solution 6) Temporarily delete the file Network descriptor and Transaction Log file

Damage ND and TLG files can also be the reason for Hosting error H202, there is solution 6 we have considered deleting these files temporarily and then trying to use multi-user mode, and below we have listed steps.

  1. Go to the folder location where your company file is saved.
    Note: You need to ask your Admin to delete the file in case of a ray of hope. Maybe this will help you find ways how to fix QuickBooks Error H202.
  2. In Company file folder lookup for the files with extension .ND and .TLG(It is up to you delete or cut from the current location)
  3. Next, Close everything and restart the computer, Now ask to the same user to open the multi-user mode.

Solution 7) Configure your Firewall application inbound and outbound Rules and rectify the QuickBooks Error H202

A firewall is one essential piece of software that works as a filter and a guard to prevent undesirable events. Therefore, Making slight changes in your Firewall TCP port and enabling QuickBooks service for inbound/outbound rules certainly fix the QuickBooks H202 error message. Below we have added Ports and QB services that need to be enabled.


  1. QB Desktop 2020 and later: 8019, XXXXX.
  2. QB Desktop 2019: 8019, XXXXX.
  3. QB Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382.
  4. QB Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377.

In QB 2020 and later version Ports does allocate dynamically.

QB Programs

  1. QBDBmgrn.exe
  3. DBManagerExe.exe
  4. QBW32.exe
  5. QBUpdate.exe

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Solution 8: Ensure QuickBooks services are running

Fix H202 QB error by ensuring QB services are running correctly as follows:

  1. Open the Run window from the Windows search bar or by pressing the Windows + R keys together.
  2. Type the command services.msc in the Run dialog text box and then press Enter.
  3. Browse and double-click the option that says QuickBooksDBXX from the list in the Services window. (XX is the QuickBooks version)
  4. Choose Automatic as the startup type when the QuickBooksDBXX properties window displays.
  5. Set the service status to either Running or Started and choose Start.
  6. Hit the Recovery tab.
  7. Next, from the three drop-down menus, namely First, Second, and Third Subsequent failure, select the option to Restart the services.
  8. Click Apply and OK to apply the changes and repeat the steps for the QBCF Monitor service.

Need Further Assistance From QB Experts?

The steps described In this post can help you in troubleshooting the QuickBooks error code H202. However, if you feel like talking to an expert for the error resolution, give us a call on our QuickBooks Support number +1 888-704-1357. On connecting, you can brief the symptoms of the QuickBooks error H202 to get the best assistance from our qualified QB experts.

FAQ’s For QuickBooks Error code H202

How do I resolve QuickBooks Desktop Error H202?

The bunch of resolutions you can find for the Error h202 But restarting the Database server manager is one most trusted troubleshooting technique among all.

What prompts usually Error H202 in your computer?

The Primary reason for the error h202 is the incorrect server Hosting settings, Or QuickBooks database server manager files is corrupted.

How to set hosting files to local to fix error H202?

To do so, open the Product Information window on the screen when you launch QuickBooks. In the lower-left corner, you will find the option Hosting, where you need to choose ‘local files only’ under the Local Server Information tab.

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